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egypt tells me anger has less to do with the movie more to do with perceptions of the west. the u.s. is at war with islam particularly. we'll hear from him coming up in about an hour. >> coming up on world news tonight what he will it take to calm the antiu.s. sentiment in the east. >> and. >> body of a bay area teenager has been nound in peru. a shaman confessed to burying an 18-year-old. the teen had gone on a spiritual retreat. and he ate the plant his mother filed a mission persons report and went to purry to find him. he says he buried him after he overdosed. the shaman and two others have been arrested in connection with the death. >> and right now, a wildfire erupted in los angeles in the hills above the sepulveda
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pass. blistering heat and windy conditions fanning flames and into bell air estates, officials say it's spreading through two acres of brush near the getty center. in who have closed as a prekaulgs. there are also approaching several large homes this, is right in the middle of the friday commute. traffic is more of a nightmare than usual. >> there is a couple dozen people gathered outside of the federal building. others drew chalk illus straigss at frank owowa plaza. this is just as aclu received 13 pages of surveillance. >> fbi has a long, sordid history of investigating political prot testors when there have been no suspicion of criminal wrong doing.
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we're qerned this may be occurring in present-daytimes. >> this shows the government was mainly concerned at demonstrations aimed at the port of oakland. >> and one group has come up with a solution. wayne freedman joins with us the story. >> there is a new twist on taking back our streets. there is where residents have been upset about prostitute. they posted blurred pictures of suspected johns now there is a new weapon. there are signs read international boulevard. in homeland that translates to home of the oldest profession. >> and what i haven't seen. >> renaldo says he's had enough. residents persuaded stit to
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close two motels where prostitution activities now a third step if local seize someone in the car propositioning a prostitute write down the license and inform police who who will write a letter to register owner. this neighborhood activist. >> we're not making accusations it says that it was reported that the vehicle was in an area that is known for prostitution and just let the owner know it's not safe to do this or acceptable. >> there is imagine explaining that leter to a spouse. too bad says one mother. >> they're going to be surprised and dweel a letter. >> and now, you're looking at a live picture, this is national lodge and despite this fence that surrounds the motel this is what is described as progress, and one of the places expected of harboring many prostitutes ask doing a business supporting
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the business of pros at this time united states. there is a meeting here at 5:30 and this program begins october 1. in oakland wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> there is a visual planned for a night clerk shot dead in a robbery last weekend. the 67-year-old was killed when three armed robbers burs into the a store, he was killed by a gunshot. police investigator -- later released images of the suspects. and all three carrying handguns. there are members of the california outdoor heritage alliance say taxpayers swril to pay unexpected fines if bear hunting with bands is banned. several hundred orange clad
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hunters rallied today against a bill on governor's desk severely restricts of darts to hunt bears and bob cats. opposition being led by a republican candidate he saying fish and game would lose $400,000 a year in lost bear tag license fees and have to pay professional hunters to call the beer population. >> do we need to be paying the government this fish? there are people a productive part of the economy willing to do it on their own and following rules in place. >> there is no word whether the governor will sign this bill. >> one atrack of internet shopping about to go away. we're talking about sales taxes. at midnight, so called amazon law takes affect. and there is state officials saying it could bring in $100
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million in new revenue from purchase as lone. and more than $300 million in just the first year. the board of he saigs hired 35 new auditors and collectors. >> the first batch of apple iphone 5 have sold out on a web site. the company began taking orders at midnight, promising delivery by friday when the phone goes on sale. hours later the expected delivery time grew to two weeks meaning people did not get an iphone 5 will have to wait at least until september 28th toj receive their device. and analysts say quick rise in expected delivery suggests much stronger demand than apple expected. >> and there is a driver of a car accused of smashing into an apple store. police say and he his gang got caught and a security gate damaged their car.
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>> and there is hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman says hp is developing a new smart phone with tablet devices moving to focus on more hand held technology is among the first decision autos i had a tough decision to make when i'd been here just 30 days which is what to do. i said i don't want owe-to-shut this down. i want to provide this as open to the development community. so far, so good. >> whitman says does it not appear more layoffs are necessary. and the latest round of restructuring. >> coming up at 5:00 magic kingdom lifts an alcohol ban with restrictions. >> and type of x ray that's could increase. >> ask a muni rider wants to find a driver who found his precious jewel autos we're
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heading into the last weekend of sure. i'll let you know what this will feature coming up. >> ne
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>> university of california will pay damages to pro testors pepper sprayed by police last year. this video shows them spraying in the face. and terms were not made public and a damage has to review the matter. >> construction at sfo could cause traveling delays this weekend. one main runway being shut down for safety improvements and there are crews extending a runway. inbound flights could see
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delays over three weekends. first begins at 10:00 and second shut down scheduled for friday. >> and san mateo bridge scheduledded to be close that is probably one of our next stories san jose bridge going to be closed two weekends as crews replace and fix a cracked beam. on the weekend of october 19th and 26th. the cracked beam is retro fitted in 2000. and that was found during an inspection in 2010 after which steel plates were welded on as a fix. the permanent repair will be $3 million coming from toll funds. >> there is a san francisco muni passenger left a brief case on a bus ride but got it back and everything was inside. now, he wants to thank the driver who took the time to do a really good deed.
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>> we're here in san francisco and just days ago michael, a muni passenger came and got his bag back with everything inside of it. now, he's trying to track down the driver to thank her in person. >> about four seconds after i got off the bus. there is no kachg it. >> michael realized as soon as he stepped off the 27 he'd left his brief case on the muni bus. >> and my lap top, wallet, credit cards, check book, medication. >> and his platinum ring and bracelet and 14 carats of diamond that's decorate them. >> i'd just gotten it, a thank you letter from mr. and mrs. obama for a painting that hangs at the white house. that was on re -- unreplaceable he filed a report and resigned himself to
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the fact he'd never see them again, then, just five days later there is a call from muni lost and found. they had his bag with everything inside even the jewelry. >> and that is amazing, honesty. the driver deserves a reward. if i weren't broke i'd give cash! >> transit agency spokesperson confirms the case, and tells me muni is still working to determine who that good samaritan driver is. >> it's not uncommon for an operator to go an extra mile and show an act of kindness. a lot of times perception is the other way. for this story to come out is a good thing. we'd like to give this open operator credit. >> and he awaits hopeful reunion, other riders like this resident are giving hope his good fortune may turn into
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theirs. >> it's awesome to see that kind of community in san francisco. i hope that would happen in my case as well. >> so there is just moments ago the spokesperson told me they identified the driver. they couldn't get a hold of her today because she was driving all day. and they'll let her know she will they will initiate the reunion. >> that is wonderful. >> alcohol is going to be on a menu at the magic kingdom. the park will serve beer and wine during dinner hours there, is an option of drinking with dinner they'll get a chance in a new restaurant opening in november. and disney owns abc 7. >> there are new concerns about x rays and breast cancer risk showing women in mutation was brca gene who's are at risk have a higher risk if
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receiving mammograms or other chest x rays before age 30. and there are women with the faulty zbreen a 45% to 65 higher risk of developing breast cancer. researchers found exposure to chest x rays early in life increase that's risk by another 43%. the study april yoors online. >> controversy over breast feeding in public into the classroom. a teacher brought her baby to school p breast fed during class. abc has the story. >> there is a first week of class at american university and this busy single mom woke up to a 1-year-old daughter with a fever. day care was not an option. no emergency sitters and not wanting to cancel the first lecture, she brought her infant to work. >> it wasn't the ideal option but the fact is that there was no ideal option and it was the
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best option available to me. >> the labory, lee was fine, and then, she started to fuss and pine did what she does at home, on buses and at restaurants. breast fed her. she continued with her class while she did it. >> i she seem charmed by humanity children can bring to the work place environment without detracting from dearusness. >> then learning from a tweet. sex gender ask culture professionor feminist walks in with a baby midway through class, breast feeding time. when the school paper got wind of this story the campus started buzz autos what is inappropriate is that she brought the child to class. it's distracting to students oom were supportive. >> she'll let us know that she's about to do it. i think she handled it in a really most professional way she could. >> i think in a situation like this, with this unique and
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again, she wasn't making a habit of it. we need to cut her cut her slack. >> she is hoping it will spark a deeper destruction about how wrenching child care struggles can be, especially for people with no cushion. >> so we can set up a collective child care system so not every woman is facing these individuals but discussing them, together. >> and there is university saying out of this debate. >> we want to take a moment to thank all of you who became part of the foster kids dream campaign. the number of donations doubled. 250 foster kids will receive new clothes and shoes and more. >> there are donations through the roof so. this saturday,
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we're giving supplies to the kids so they're going to get new shoes and outfit, and get a backpack filled with supply zpz start off on the right foot. >> and there is a lot to choose from. volunteers took time out to sort everything out. and that should be fun. >> thank you. we have the best viewers in the world. >> we do. >> and best weather. >> yes. and tomorrow we're going to rerun today's weather. >> and interest there is sunday, changing them up. looking towards mount diablo, there are clouds just harmless this, is a gorgeous view from our camera looking at lake ta
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show. you can see high thin clouds over the weekend mid-70s into afternoon. sunshine upper 30s and cold into the morning, great looking weather and there is a brighter view than what we've been seeing lately. you can see a lot of clearing across the bay area. and there is low 90s inland. notice gaps here, fog layer is broken up here and this is pacifica only 58 today, temperatures cooler this afternoon compared to yesterday and there are 57 in half moon bay. 68 in oakland. there is san jose, 72 degrees and 76 in santa rosa. there are fog at the coast and bay. and there is a cooler pattern
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that continues on sunday. there is what's happening here in the after the moss sphere, there is a ridge of high pressure that is weaker. there is a a trough going to be a key player in the fact. sunday heading into following week there is a cooling trend expected and ridge gets pushed away. there is a ridge weakening meaning temperatures coming down a few degrees every day. tomorrow morning there is upper 40s around santa rosa. there is fog around the coast p bay. there are cool starts as nights are getting longer. fog will pull back to the coastline and we're expecting some late day clearing along parts of the coast. there is a mild to warm pattern saturday afternoon. 98 inland and there is a wide
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range of conditions, 81 degrees in san jose. and there is 69 in millbrae. mid-70s around redwood city. there is downtown san francisco, 65 degrees, coast will see a warm up. and there is 71 in oakland. inland areas warm and there is 66 degrees in monterey. 90s morgan hill, accu-weather forecast mild, warm tomorrow, cooler sunday. dropping into upper 80s looking at monday, tuesday, wednesday, only mid-80s inland. there is fair grounds and there is san francisco international draggon boat festival is this weekend. there is san jose arts and
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crafts fair. >> and just ahead, finney's friday free stuff
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>> it's friday. finney's friday free stuff. >> there is michael finney with something for those of you with fine taste in food and the arts. >> yes. and can i leave now? >> the rev of us, right? >> there is cheryl say being how you ought to use this. >> yes. >> there is this cheese crumbles made by goat cheese. you may know we've been giving away products before.
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they're only found at deli section safeway, and there are all kinds of cheeses but this is one we're giving away today. there is a full thing worse and it's inexpensive but there is high culture we're talking about here. check this out. opera at the ballpark. san francisco opera web core builders and giants partnering to bring this live simulcast. and there is a building at at and t spark free. you can go down on the grass and watch or stay up in the seats and check it out. >> that is fantastic. how to get this? >> dial this number. then, i'll tell you.
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and you can log on and while you're there, there are two additional item autos more
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coming up, michael fin gee back looking into how the fbi can get away with obtaining records without telling you. and the violence continuing to mount at western embassies and great divide between religious freedoms and tolerance. what is wrong with this picture? there is a group trying to bridge the racial divide in the great outdoor autos and that is go dog it for us. >> yes. world news is next. i'm larry deal. >> and from all of us here, thanks for watching. next newscast on abc 7

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